Snake boobs (Colors only)

Original line art by Nehis (link in post)

Only did the coloring here, original line art by Nehis at DeviantArt. You can also visit his Tumblr here. He has a comfort level with his poses and line work that I wish I had. Then again, maybe it’s a total struggle every time like it is for me. Either way, he makes it looks easy. Check out his stuff.

Needed an ego boost tonight. Have to return to the things I need work on, but just not feeling up to snuff lately. Should be back in the swing* tomorrow. Hope so.

By the way, clean lines DO make the coloring easier later — had almost zero hiccups over the course of finishing the coloring here. Now I just have to find a good way to make clean line work, and I’m all set! So yeah. See you in 15 years.

And of course, if you’re Nehis and you want me to pull this down for any reason, give me a shout — I think I’m within the acceptable use rules, but I don’t want to step on any toes.

*This isn’t a new idiom, I just installed a swingset in place of my office chair.



A forest. Ish.

It isn't much, but it's not bad for me.

Thought I could knock out the whole BG tonight and get on with life. No. Did basically finish the trees, though. I’m…not totally unhappy. There will have to be quite a bit more of this till I get comfortable and/or satisfied with the results, but this is within bounds for not having really attempted this before.

Speaking of which, the amount of things I haven’t even tried to draw yet is just daunting. How do you catch up when you’re 15 years behind on practice, anyway?

Oh, that whole “should have made the lines clean in the first pass thing? Yeah. Still biting me in the ass. Notice the white halo on items posed against the darker background areas?

Yeah, me too. =(



Armor girl! Hut to come.

It's really sunny.

Been drawing, but there’s not much worth showing except the completed coloring for the armor girl. One hut coming up and I can move on with life*.

Coloring line art is a little different than just jumping in with color, and I learned a few things. First, finish the line art completely, and never promise to “finish it later”. Second, do all the flats together before any shading.

I’m leaving the remnants of my construction lines in for character**.

*Where “life” in this case is “drawing spaceships beyond my current level of ability.”

**And because of laziness.



Attack of the Dailies XXV

Unfortunately, it's only 720p.

More perspective. Pretty wonky, but still better than some of the previous attempts.I think I should have done this sketch on paper about 1/2 size, then blown it up for corrections in PS. The size I drew it was too big to handle the vanishing points by guessing, and too small for fine detail, so it failed on both levels.

But it’s practice.

Oh, and I added the chainmail sleeves to the armor girl’s regalia, if anyone is following along anymore:

Rapidly approaching only semi-nude.



Attack of the Dailies XXIV


Ended up working till about 10:30 tonight, randomly, so didn’t do nearly as much drawing as intended. As such, you get a couple patches of skin and some armor.

And the satisfaction of knowing I’m still drawing.

Letting it get a little too precious, as always, so now my speed has dropped to like 25% of the initial output. I haven’t counted, but it’s about a bazillion layers in Photoshop.